Creativity, Confidence & Kindness

paint-1273070_1920I made a commitment to myself to make more art. It’s been a round-about path to where I am at right now, but as things often do, I seem to have come full circle; as I am back on the blog. Lately, I’ve taken a step back from the blog. Simply because I was getting a low-grade buzzing in my ear that was making it feel like a bit of chore.

This, combined with some real nastiness on the internet, led me to think it’s not really a place I want to hang out. The online blogging community can be incredibly warm and embracing, full of people who want to engage and connect. But it can sometimes be crowded out by acidic, ambitious people who behave poorly; just like real life I guess.

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Here’s Why Being An Explorer Is A Good Idea

rainbow-1201862_1920In my Womenfolk series, the women I’ve spoken to have all sought to explore different dimensions of themselves. One thing they all have in common is their personal evolution. They have gone in search of things that have helped them grow, and evolve. They are explorers.

Our society dictates that we call ourselves something. We are all a bit prone to labels; we want a box to sit in, a pigeon hole to rest in, a safe place to say we fit. I think this is a completely natural thing to seek. Wanting to define yourself and your purpose is important as it helps us navigate the world.  [Read more…]

The Case for Slow Living


Going nowhere fast in this beauty.

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I’ve got a bit of a preoccupation with de-cluttering. I’ve written about it several times. You can read those posts here, here and here.

I recently wrote about how I’ve finally realised that de-cluttering just doesn’t work for me. I like to clear out ‘stuff’ but generally, I like to keep things that mean something to me. Thinking about de-cluttering and what motivated me to do it, has helped me understand what brings me satisfaction and contentedness.

I’ve deduced that some form of connection is what brings me that solid, heart-full feeling. That feeling where I couldn’t possibly be anywhere better. But it’s not just human connection that that does this. It’s connection with food, with art, books, with my home, my garden, and community. This is considered and thoughtful living; some would say mindful living – for me, it is slow living.  [Read more…]

Five reasons (or more) for loving Good Friday


My home made Hot Cross Buns – fresh out of the oven.

Today is Good Friday, and I’m thinking that maybe Good Friday is my most favourite day of the year. I know; it’s a big call. But think about it, what other day of the year can you spend an hour having a pot of tea in bed? Stay in your pyjamas ’till 12 o’clock and bake hot cross buns from scratch (still in your PJs)?

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Slow Parenting – a reflection on the way we live


This article was written some time ago, the child I was carrying is now five years old, and also has a baby sister. There are some lessons for me to revisit in this post, which is why I share it today. (The article firsts appeared in Plane Trees magazine – Melbourne University’s Post graduate magazine).

Part 1. I run from the office to the train station, from the train station to my car, from my car to the creche, and because I am in the habit of running everywhere, I run from my car to my front door.

Part 2. Dinner, bath time, bed time. Not for me, but for my daughter. Part three of my day is for me. Compartmentalising my day like this isn’t a conscious strategy, it’s just how I’m able to manage things.

Part 3. Dinner with my husband (after our daughter is in bed), an attempt at some sort of meaningful adult conversation and then pulling out the books or computer for a bit of ‘leisurely’ work. Such is the life of the parent who crazily balances paid work, family & home duties, or study. No doubt this scenario is very familiar to you readers, with parents attempting to balance work or study (or both), with family life. However, recent events have led me to question how much of this mania is out of our control.

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