Summer is HERE! (A tentative declaration) ☀️

At the beginning of a new season I get so wrapped up in the possibilities of said new season, and do often declare that this said new season is most definitely my favourite season of all. So Summer is my current favourite. (Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever declared Winter my favourite, but for my northern hemisphere readers, I did write an article for Essential Kids about the things I love about winter, you can read that here, if you’re shivering your way through pre-Christmas celebrations).

I love the seasons and while I complain about the cold weather, I don’t think I could live in a climate that doesn’t have all four seasons. So, I say this very tentatively, because well… Melbourne. Four seasons in one day, and all that. But I think I can say it now: [Read more…]

What I learnt From A Walk In the Rain

DSC_0015Yesterday, for the first time in what feels like forever, the sun came out. It came out and it shined down on us all day. We were all tricked by the winter, loaded up with coats, scarves and jumpers. Then found ourselves peeling off layers, not even the breeze was cold. People were smiling rather than gritting their teeth against the bite of the air. The boys playing footy were leaping around, having fun, rather than turning purple from cold. Mother nature never fails to surprise and delight. [Read more…]

My Top Five Things on My Summer Bucket List

Top 5 Summer Bucket List


The change of seasons is always full of promise. Even for the cold frogs who hate winter, it brings promise of roaring fires, red wine, curries, hot chocolate…But Summer is an entirely different promise. It means many different things, depending on what your life looks like. For many, it means al fresco dining (we have started eating outside most nights now), late play in the back yard, icey gin & tonics (probably a little too early in the afternoon), dresses without leggings or tights, and glorious beach afternoons.

I thought I’d document my bucket list for this Summer and capitalise on the feeling that when Summer comes, we can do anything. [Read more…]