Humble Beginnings


This page is dedicated to publishing other people’s writing. It is for all those closet writers who have note books of their writing stashed away, never to see the light of day.

It’s for people who want to put their work ‘out there’ but can’t quite get to it. It’s for those who feel the fear, but can’t do it any way. So do it anonymously. I don’t need your name, if you don’t want to give it.

It’s also for those who feel the fear and want to do it anyway, but can’t be bothered, don’t have time or the inclination to self-publish or promote their own work.

That’s why it’s called Humble Beginnings – its just a place to start. I’ll give you the nudge you need. If you start with anonymous and don’t mind it, then maybe next time, you’ll leave your name. But only if you feel like it.

No strings. No guarantees that it will go beyond here. But really, you’ve got nothing to lose.

So email me at and I’ll publish your work for you.


List of Humble Beginnings Publications:

What Is That? By Anon 

Missing by Anon