Parenting and the Inevitability of Chaos – plus three tips that might help.

street-chalk-73583_1280Remember the days before kids? All your time was your own, your home was your own; you were the boss of you. I can’t imagine going back to those days before our children arrived, but there is one thing that I constantly struggle with. Disorder.

When we brought our first daughter home from hospital I followed all the advice that said ‘forget the housework, it will keep’. I also thought that the chaos this brought with it was temporary and once we got in to a ‘routine’ our house would go back to normal. In a way it did go back to normal – but the meaning of normal changed in a monumental way! [Read more…]

Identity and A Sense of Place

Ppt cover image.001I’ve always been interested in identity and its fluidness, but also its influences. I wrote at length about identity while at university – in fact my honours thesis was on identity in liminal spaces, so I have a bit of a preoccupation with it. I looked at how liminal spaces interact with identity and the establishment of it, so there was a whole chapter dedicated to landscape – specifically the dessert. But my analysis was of fiction, so not true to life, but somehow representing life.

That cliche – art imitating life, there’s something in that.  [Read more…]

Does Thinking About Death Make Our Lives Better?


Death. It’s not easy, ever. I wish we could all live forever and for no one to experience loss. But that’s just not the way life works. Some people are gifted long and happy lives, and others are not. Some people’s lives are full and happy, but short; some are sad and short, some are long and sad. Whatever your combination the ending will always be the same. For all of us.

And only when people die do we reflect on the kind of life they had. Regret is part of grief. When we are in the throes of life, we don’t stop to consider how we will feel when death comes. Perhaps we should. But that’s not how life works. We are too busy living to be concerned with the business of death.

But I wonder, if death were more present in our lives, would we live fuller lives? 

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The Art of Storytelling: The Old Fashioned vs. The Modern


This photo was taken outside the NSW State Library – Storytelling is having a resurgence and there is evidence of it everywhere.

There’s been quite a bit of interesting on-line discussion lately about the story telling, and whether or not it is a lost art. There are some jaded people out in the blogosphere. These are people like me, who started blogging for the love of writing and telling a yarn, but commodification and commercialisation has soured the experience for them. But true story telling, oral history, is having resurgence and The Moth is one way to be part of it.

As part of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival I was lucky enough to go to the Melbourne debut of the The Moth. For those of you who don’t know what The Moth is, it’s a forum for story telling; true stories told live, is how it’s described on the The Moth website. It really appealed to me because I tend to agree that the art of storytelling has been diluted by our digital age.

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10 Ways to Banish the Overwhelm

I drew this when I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It soothed.

I drew this when I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It helped me escape and soothed my pain.


Never before have we lived such comfortable and affluent lives. Australia has the third highest average wealth in the world, behind Switzerland and Norway.  We make up 0.36% of the world’s adult population but account for 3.78% of the world’s top 1% of wealthiest people. (source)

But this comes at a cost, on many levels. The African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ still remains, yet the village has gone. Everyone is out working, or taking their kids to gymnastics, swimming, athletics, scouts, karate, football, cricket. Or volunteering in the class room, on the sports pitch or up at the school. Or preparing for dinner guests, kids parties family get togethers…it never ends.

There’s no doubt we have very full lives. Often too full. So full, in fact that many of us feel that our day to day lives have become an avalanche of events and we are like a pack of hounds chasing our tails in a frenzy of FOMO confusion. (FOMO, for those who don’t know, is an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out). [Read more…]