Hello 2016 – and My Word for The Year

DSC_0023I’m not going to bore you with the personal goals I have set for 2016, but I will tell you that I’ve decided on the tone for the year and it was informed by three words that appear in my Dad’s veggie patch. SLOW. BREATHE. SMILE.

Finding a balance between the ‘big stuff’ such as career goals, creative or personal goals and the ‘small stuff’, such as feeling happy and energised in your day to day life, is a tough undertaking – often the big stuff dwarfs the small stuff and life can get a bit overwhelming.

I’ve been pondering this blog post for at least a couple of weeks – it’s been a good six weeks since I’ve posted. And as seems to happen at this time of year, I become paralysed in my contemplations. Releasing a full year is no small feat and I find that I am overwhelmed by the significance of it.  [Read more…]

You Don’t HAVE to be Amazing…

Why Be Normal When you can be Amaaazing


I read a great article by Mark Manson the other day. It was called ‘Screw finding your passion’. It resonated with me so much. People out there are torturing themselves over finding this elusive thing called ‘their passion’. He offers some great advice – have a read of the article here.

But what it sparked in me, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while, is that it is OK not to be Amaaaazing. It’s ok to just be, well, normal…and average. Like most of us are. We are harangued by an avalanche of images in the media of fit, gorgeous bodies (and this is not just women, it is men as well). Gorgeous people doing fabulous things. But life just isn’t like that; the sad thing about the curated world that surrounds us, is that it might inspire some but mostly it just makes people feel a bit shitty, and a bit not good enough. [Read more…]

The Art of Disconnecting and Reconnecting


Trentham to Lyonsville walk

This week we’ve been away at a friend’s farm in Trentham, Victoria. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the crisp frosty morning and the glow of the fire that has been burning all night, keeping the living room toasty for when you get up to make your morning cuppa. I love the smell of the air in the country; crisp and clean but punctuated with the smell of log fires and home baking.


For us city-dwellers, the novelty never wears off. Every time I come to this part of the world, I feel revived and inspired. Our kids also get the benefits. They love that we do things as a family that we don’t do at home. Not out of choice, but because our day-to-day lives are so full of activity that we are constantly in the throes of football, netball, gymnastics, soccer, school, work… you get the idea. [Read more…]

Taking stock, whimsy and 200 Cartwheels

Thanks to Pip from Meet Me at Mikes. She posted this  blog post earlier, in May, about taking stock and I loved its simplicity and it is particularly relevant to me today. So I’ve decided to share my list of things that I’m taking stock of this long weekend. Because sometimes a bit of whimsy in our lives is a great thing.

I was thinking how important it is to take the time to take really take stock of our lives (and that was before I stumbled upon the lovely post by Pip at Meet Me at Mikes – so a little bit of serendipity thrown in to!). It has just been so lovely to have the time and space to actually wind down, enjoy my family, enjoy being home – not rushing from place to place. [Read more…]

It’s been a bit quiet round here…

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks. I’ve been pretty busy with a few balls in air, so I keep coming back to my blog, but keep getting pulled in other directions.

It’s an occupational hazard, I guess. When you’re trying to earn a living through writing, the writing you get paid for is what takes priority. I’ve explained this to friends before, my blog is my safe place, so I don’t want to abandon it just because life got busy. But also, it’s not something I do to generate an income. It’s my little corner, I visit to improve my writing, to write about things that interest me without the pressure of a commission. And it helps me clarify my thoughts.

So while I get my house in order, I thought I’d share some of the articles that have been keeping me busy. You can read about how to have romantic holiday, even with children in tow here

If you want to read about how to raise your child as a good sport, you can read about that here

Or, like me, you’re camping these school holidays. This piece explains why camping is great for the whole family. You can read it here.

Lastly, if you don’t love exercising, but know you should, there are a few ideas to get back on track in this article.

But I’ll be back soon. I have trouble staying away!