Humble Beginnings Poetry: Missing by Anon


I feel your ache

I feel your lake

Your river

Your torrent

Your dried up bed of pain


I feel your ache


I feel your sorrow

Your missing

You’re missing

Your love

Your absence

I feel your ache

Your bed of pain

Our bed of pain


Your soul

Your souls

Your sisters

Your brother

Your absence



My heart

It feels you

All of you


We feel your ache

I am your ache

I am your lake


My sorrow,

your sorrow, your pain, your plain …


Your empty plain.


The Morning Drum’s First Humble Beginnings Contribution: What Is That? By Anon

The story below has been sent to me by an anonymous contributor under the Humble Beginnings project on this blog. The idea is that people can send me their writing and I’ll publish it for them.

It can be published in their name, or as anonymous – for the shy ones. “What Is That?” is the first Humble Beginnings contribution, and talks about some uncomfortable topics around sexuality, parenting and misogyny. I hope you enjoy this thought-provoking piece. 

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