Give Yourself Something Worth Celebrating!


The end of the financial year never really had much significance for me; June 30 meant checking the letter box for my group certificate and making an appointment for my tax return. But I was reflecting on the fact that half the year had gone by (and so so quickly) and I realised that if I didn’t stop and consider things, the rest of the year would disappear without warning. I didn’t (and don’t) want to get to Christmas 2015 and think to myself ‘damn, I wished I checked in to see how I was travelling’.

Of course, I can say that now. Now that I’ve done it. I pulled out my lined journal that I wrote my goals in for 2015 and had a little look-see to check on my progress. What I found was very illuminating! [Read more…]

Taking stock, whimsy and 200 Cartwheels

Thanks to Pip from Meet Me at Mikes. She posted this  blog post earlier, in May, about taking stock and I loved its simplicity and it is particularly relevant to me today. So I’ve decided to share my list of things that I’m taking stock of this long weekend. Because sometimes a bit of whimsy in our lives is a great thing.

I was thinking how important it is to take the time to take really take stock of our lives (and that was before I stumbled upon the lovely post by Pip at Meet Me at Mikes – so a little bit of serendipity thrown in to!). It has just been so lovely to have the time and space to actually wind down, enjoy my family, enjoy being home – not rushing from place to place. [Read more…]

The most important lesson my Mum’s absence has taught me

It is a tortured life, the life of a writer. Or so the cliches will have us believe. Ernest Hemmingway said ‘Writing is easy. You just sit down at a typewriter and bleed’. I have identified with this a little; it’s a perfect alibi for procrastination and avoiding the hard stuff. There are many untruths around doing something you are passionate about. From my experience it doesn’t involve pain. It’s more about truly living. Living with your whole being.

Unfortunately, there are too many stories where people wake up and realise that time is running out. We all consciously know that our time on earth is limited and we only get one go at this, but do we really understand the essence of this? [Read more…]

How to save your own life.

I’ve been following the Belle Gibson saga intently and have wanted to write about it since it unfolded. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to – as a mostly well person, I didn’t feel that I was qualified to comment. I was just a consumer who’d been hoodwinked – and not for the first time. But I found her actions deeply disturbing.

I also followed Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior, and when the email landed in my inbox announcing her passing, it took my breath away. The timing of it was eerie. I was in the car with my sister, on our way to the cemetery to intern our Mum’s ashes. She had died of cancer-related complications, eight weeks after getting the ‘all clear’. [Read more…]

“The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst”

When I was driving to work yesterday, on the radio there was a special Anzac Day telecast from Gallipoli, Turkey. This day marks the 100 year anniversary of the Australian Army landing at Gallipoli. For many of my generation, Anzac Day and the Gallipoli legend was an important part of our national consciousness, and one that we stopped respectfully, each year, to mark on April 25th.

When I was growing up there was no trading allowed on Anzac Day. It was an official public holiday, to mark the loss of those who had died protecting their country. The only Anzac themed merchandise available for purchase was the Anzac Pin, sold by volunteer returned service men, on train stations and in shopping centres. With 100% of the money raised used to support returned service men. [Read more…]