Slow Parenting – a reflection on the way we live


This article was written some time ago, the child I was carrying is now five years old, and also has a baby sister. There are some lessons for me to revisit in this post, which is why I share it today. (The article firsts appeared in Plane Trees magazine – Melbourne University’s Post graduate magazine).

Part 1. I run from the office to the train station, from the train station to my car, from my car to the creche, and because I am in the habit of running everywhere, I run from my car to my front door.

Part 2. Dinner, bath time, bed time. Not for me, but for my daughter. Part three of my day is for me. Compartmentalising my day like this isn’t a conscious strategy, it’s just how I’m able to manage things.

Part 3. Dinner with my husband (after our daughter is in bed), an attempt at some sort of meaningful adult conversation and then pulling out the books or computer for a bit of ‘leisurely’ work. Such is the life of the parent who crazily balances paid work, family & home duties, or study. No doubt this scenario is very familiar to you readers, with parents attempting to balance work or study (or both), with family life. However, recent events have led me to question how much of this mania is out of our control.

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