About Me


I am a freelance writer and editor. I live in Melbourne, by the bay, which is one of the things that makes my life great, everyday. I’m also a wife to my most excellent and gorgeous husband, and Mumma to three very energetic children. So, life is a little bit mental. Well, a lot mental actually.

I am constantly looking at ways to simplify life. And I’m sharing these with you on The Morning Drum. But more than that, I also love to celebrate life. So you’ll find all sorts of articles on here that relate in some way  to living the best life we can.

I’m a little bit preoccupied with my own mortality. So my view is this: you only get one go at life, let’s not waste it. Let’s engage in creativity, passionate debate, let’s ruminate on life: what makes it great, exhilarating, peaceful or joyous.

I also do corporate writing and feature writing. My corporate writing helps pay the bills, my feature writing gives me energy. It’s what I really love. I’ve written for Sunday Life (the Age and SMH), Relax (Canberra Times), Essential Kids and Nature & Health.

I hope you enjoy The Morning Drum as much as I do. It’s about walking to the beat of your own drum and doing things that make you feel whole.



Me and my gang.


What are you thoughts?