Back from Blog Holidays & The 100 Day Project

It’s been a while, but I’ve been having a little blogging holiday. Sometimes I just lose my mojo and get a bit distracted so I don’t blog. I take a step back. Sometimes I fret about it, and worry that I should be blogging. But when I think about it, holidays are good and they help you feel refreshed and recharged. So it’s been a blogging holiday.

So I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been busy with this business we call living. School holidays, Easter, work, life.

If you follow The Morning Drum on Instagram you’ll know that the other thing keeping me busy is The 100 Day Project. I am loving this project. For so long I’ve been wanting to make space for more art and creativity. All the best laid plans would always fizzle, I’d get busy with kids or work and I’d be left thinking ‘maybe tomorrow then…?’

But very rarely did tomorrow bring that mystical pocket of time that I needed to sit and do some sketching or painting.

I’ve written about how I needed to make the time to write daily, so I got up earlier. That has worked like a dream and I am consistently writing on weekday mornings now. As I sighed and contemplated the art practice that never happened, I realised that if I really did want to do this (rather than just ruminate on how I wish I could do it) I needed to make a change, somehow.

With my pre-dawn rising already committed to writing, I had been thinking about how I could work things, and still manage to do my paid work, and all the running around that comes with three kids.

Then one morning I was reading about The 100 Day Project.

And there was my answer. I just needed to commit to something. So I rather spontaneously decided that I would do it. After a few hours I felt a little bit sick thinking about 100 days, (it seems like such a long time!) and the project finishes on July 12th. We leave for Vietnam on July 1st – my first road block.

But I forged ahead and decided I would just work it out.

The 100 Day Project is about making art, or creating something every day. You choose a theme and create daily based on that theme. Mine is 100 Days of Seasons, here’s my hashtag if you want to take a look on Instagram: #100daysofseasons.

The 100 Day Project promises to help cultivate a daily creative practice, gives you access to a supportive community and an opportunity to look outwards and see what other people all over the world are creating.

Day 2/100 Tomatoes for Summer

Some of my offerings scream “amateur”; but some I am very proud of. The 100 Day Project has made me a little braver. Braver about putting myself ‘out there’, and braver with the type of things I am creating. I am trying different styles and different mediums. Ultimately something like this fosters growth. It’s Day 22 today so it’s early days, and who knows what is around the corner. But while I can manage to do a piece of daily art, I’ll continue with it because the benefits have been so wonderful.

I’m virtually off social media – I post my art on Instagram (as part of the project) and while I’m there I stop to look at other people’s projects. But when it comes to Facebook, I briefly pop in and then pop out again, which I am SO damned happy about. Late last year I took a month off Facebook, but it snuck back in. I feel like I’ve broken the habit and because there is no embargo on my use of it I can dip in when I like, but I’m finding I just have better things to do.

Day 11/100 Bunnies for the Easter season

I am constantly working towards living a slower life. It is a work in progress, of course, because the actual world we inhabit is not that slow. Not slow at all, in fact. So in a way it is like running against the tide. But doing something like The 100 Day Project is a perfect accompaniment to living at a slower pace. In the evenings I’ve been leaving my lap top at my desk and sitting with my sketch book. It’s mindful, it’s considered and it is so satisfying.

In the morning the kids are eager to see what I’ve created the night before. Happily, my work is a source of inspiration for them. So once they are dressed and fed, they’ve been reaching for their own sketch books. I tell you, the volume of art work coming out of the Beck house at the moment is extraordinary – anyone would think we had a contract with Lombards!

For my youngest, in just three weeks, she has gone from writing her name in a way that (sort of) resembled letters, to writing her name clearly and neatly on each drawing. Every day her pictures improve and she adds more and more new detail. There is less nagging for the iPad and the three of them interact and compliment each other on their work.

The thought of participating in something like The 100 Day Project in the past has been too much to get my head around. But the benefits are more than I could have imagined – and we are only three weeks in. While taking on something extra like this may seem tin conflict with my ultimate goal of slow living it has actually made me feel less stretched and hassled by the day to day machinations of life.

Day 20/100 Poppies for Anzac Day

What helps you slow down? Do you have a daily practice of any thing?


  1. says

    Lovely examples of your creative work Collette. I get that you have inspired your family to create too. It’s catching. I think discipline is a big part of it and I liked this quote I read recently – ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.’ Gustavo Flaubert.

    • collette says

      I love that quote! It makes so much sense to me. It really does come down to the discipline, and it’s easy to be disciplined when you’re doing something as lovely as art!

  2. says

    Yay Collette! You’ve been doing heaps of fab things. I do like the getting up earlier one, I should do this for running and I keep saying I will!!!
    So true about Facebook too. I’m enjoying spending less time on it although it is forced because of study, but I do feel better for it. As for blogging, I’ve been a bit slack there as well but I also think that’s fine! Xxxx

    • collette says

      Study is the best excuse ever for not hanging out on Facebook. The smarter you get the dumber Facebook will seem, I reckon. As for blogging, I think we could all do with being a little gentler on ourselves. It makes life so much nicer. xx

  3. says

    Find drawing and collaging great ways to slow my mind because I do have to focus on these and become quite absorbed by the process – can’t really do them in front of the TV like I can with crocheting and knitting. Quarantining social media is good, I think. If is a wonderful source of inspiration and information but it can become to easy to start scrolling through boredom and the opportunity to create is then foregone.

    • collette says

      I think that’s what I love about the 100 Day Project, it takes a bit of focus, so there’s no room for those stress thoughts. I agree, the socials can be great for interesting stories but it can quickly turn into mindless scrolling. By skipping in and out I’m hoping to avoid the mindless bit. x

  4. says

    Sounds great, and you are 25% of the way through already! I am about to start a new job, after a 16 months “break in transmission”, so organisation and discipline are very much in my very undisplined mind right now. So, in addition to thinking about my first three months at work, I will round out the picture with three months of creativity. I have been going to a writing class, but even so, find I don’t write every day, mostly because I lack the d word. Well, time to get back into the busy life, and yes, I still want the slow life (guessing there won’t be much time for FB thank heavens). Congratulations on the 100 days project, it’s a great adventure.

    • collette says

      Congratulations on your new job. That’s very exciting for you. And yes, when time is short, FB should definitely be the first thing to go. Good luck with the new role. x

  5. says

    Love your project Collette and your approach to life and the pursuit of the meaningful things that really matter. I’ve not been blogging so much lately and also feel that’s OK. It’s something I enjoy but sometimes I don’t feel i have anything I want to say/share. I use Facebook for my private groups and not much more. Love the community on Instagram though and seeing everyone’s creative work each day. We all need those precious minutes of creativity each day for ourselves and now you’re sharing that with your kids too – fabulous! Keep up the good work xx

    • collette says

      Well, I have you to thank for taking part in the project as I first read about it on your blog. So thank you. I agree, the Instagram community is a much gentler place than Facebook, and mush less individualistic. A friend once described it as a place filled with what you like, not who you like. I’m loving your 100 Day project too, are you enjoying it? xx

What are you thoughts?