“Get It On”: Why Dawn O’Porter’s Podcast Is Essential Listening

This is how it came to be. A friend of mine said to me ‘you should listen to Dawn’s podcast. It’s called Get It On, it’s really good’. I nodded, agreed, yes definitely I should listen to that. Knowing that I perhaps would never be able to fight the din of Alvin and the Chipmonks, or Lego Friends. And such is the ferocity of my three year olds demands for Netflix shows that while I dreamt of listening to Dawn and Get It On, I didn’t really think I would. 

An extended period of sick leave for my husband meant that the normal dinner routine was disrupted one day and I found myself preparing dinner in a quiet house – miraculous in itself. So I took that opportunity. Episode 18 of Get It On with Dawn O’Porter and Polly Vernon. I probably should have started at Episode One, but I liked the idea of working backwards, knowing that if I never ever had the opportunity to listen to Get It On again, I would have heard the most recent.

I immediately loved it; loved the chatty tone, conversations of frivolity which we just don’t have in real life, but we want to. We really want to. And you know what else? Being a Mum, running a house and working from home for myself, by myself, can be a lonely ole gig. Listening to that podcast made me feel like I was part of the convo’. I was up with it, in the gang… I was close, (although I didn’t) to telling my new friends, Dawn and Polly, about my latest piece that I picked up at my local vintage (although, if I’m honest, there was no piece).

Dawn in all her vintage splendour. Image credit. Daily Star.

But who was this gorgeous, hilariously dry, frank and smart woman Polly Vernon? I had been away from London for far too long, it seemed. After dinner I immediately googled her and spent the evening reading a slew of her articles. Raw, honest and pretty damned funny. One that piqued my interest was an article about how and why she stopped drinking. This passage in particular caught my attention:

So why give up drink? I definitely didn’t mean to. I slipped into this state of semi-sobriety quietly without an epiphany, without being subject to any New Year-ish imperative to Make Changes and Improve Myself. I fell on the wagon 18 months ago, when I got struck down by real, proper, hideous flu, a state that stopped me boozing (or doing anything other than reclining on my sofa, watching Loose Women and hoping for death) for 10 straight days – the longest I’d been without alcohol in the whole of my adult life… Once the flu had abated, and I’d recuperated enough to care about how I looked, I took a peek at myself in the mirror. I was amazed to discover that I looked good. Really good.

By rights, I should have looked wizened, drained and drab. But I didn’t. I looked clear-eyed, fresher- and tauter-skinned. My face fitted my cheekbones more closely, my under-eye shadows were diminished, my lips were fuller.

Click here to read the full article.

Polly Vernon – how cool is SHE! Image credit: Headspace

It was the flu thing. I read this and thought ‘wow – I need to get me some flu’. Well, be careful what you wish for. Three days later I was struck down with flu and wished I could take back asking the universe for flu. This flu did not manifest in clear-eyes and taut skin. It was more the Alice Cooper look, rather than the Alice in Wonderland that I’d been hoping for.

But alas, clearly this had happened not to improve my alcohol-wizened skin, but to provide me with yet another opportunity to listen, undisturbed, to Get It On. I lay in my bed, every bone aching; every muscle hurting. My ears ringing, my throat burning, swinging between hot sweats and freezing cold. The pain was terrible, it stopped me from falling into even a fitful sleep, but then came Dawn.

I lay my phone on my husband’s pillow and listened to Episode 17 (Alan Carr) and Episode 16 (Faye Ripley), and for the first time ever in my experience of flu, I didn’t feel like I was missing out. All the fun was happening right here, atop my husband’s pillow.

I would like to say that I now have Dawn and Faye, in particular, to thank for my new Leona Edmiston dress from a post-recovery eBay celebration, but unfortunately I was outbid by 50c while dropping my daughter to ballet. Next time though…there will always be eBay opportunities.

According to Dawn, style is about how you feel, not about how you look. If you feel confident, sexy, sassy (or dowdy) in your clothes, you will project this. Get It On will inspire you to find what you feel good in.

Have you found your style? What clothes do you feel good in?



  1. says

    I will try to get a chance to listen to this, it sounds great. As to style, ‘i do have some, but the extra weight that I have put on in the last year made me glad when my full length mirror was broken by the cat! Ho hum 🙂 Glad that there was something to ameliorate your flu!

    • collette says

      It is definitely worth making the time, especially in your situation when you are experience intense times with study and kid-wrangling. It was a welcome relief and will inspire you to find something that you feel great in, regardless of the weight gain (I too am battling that but feel less concerned by it when I listen to this podcast – particularly the Dawn French episode). xx

      • says

        I had a listen to the Dawn French one while I was doing housework yesterday, since you mentioned it. It was very good, and I have hit upon the time needed to listen! I also really ant to start listening to Clare Bowditch daily on the ABC, although she is away with a bad back right now. Have you listened to her? I think that you would enjoy her xx

        • collette says

          I just love Claire Bowditch, I follow her on Facebook but don’t get much of an opportunity to listen. Now that my youngest is starting four-year old kinder there may be more opportunity. But she is fabulous. Glad you like Dawn’s podcast, I’ve really enjoyed all of them so far.

  2. says

    I like the title of the blog and I like vintage clothes and I especially like podcasts helmed by women – for some reason, they mainly seem to be a guy thing. Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. Women seem to lean towards writing, men toward talking. Is it only me that has this theory?

    • collette says

      I’d not really thought about it, nor noticed this. But will take a look at the podcasts I subscribe to. But I guess because of the subject of Dawn’s podcast, it has more women guests, which is always a win for the sisterhood! 😊

  3. says

    Great post Collette – finally catching up. I love that you thought to start at the current episode of ‘Get it On’ – I think I would have had to go to the first! I must say I listened to the first 5 or 6 when they came out but then my iPod wouldn’t sync and I’ve lost track of most of my podcasts – I need to get back on board as I too love the feeling you get of being right there, at the centre of the convo. And Dawn’s so cool! Meanwhile, sorry about the flu but enforced downtime sounds like it did you good 🙂 Now I’m thinking about whether I need alcohol in my life or not… Here’s to a productive and creative year ahead – with podcasts to inspire us as we go about our day! xx

    • collette says

      The other option is listening though ‘Overcast’, it’s an app that lets you access all of Apple’s podcasts, and more. So if you can’t get your syncing sorted it might be worth looking at downloading Overcast. I’m keen to discover more, I’ve had a listen to Liz Gilbert’s Creative Lessons, but like you say, most of the podcasts are in the book, so not much new material there. So if you have any ‘creative inspiration’ recommendations, I’m keen to hear. x

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