Summer is HERE! (A tentative declaration) ☀️

At the beginning of a new season I get so wrapped up in the possibilities of said new season, and do often declare that this said new season is most definitely my favourite season of all. So Summer is my current favourite. (Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever declared Winter my favourite, but for my northern hemisphere readers, I did write an article for Essential Kids about the things I love about winter, you can read that here, if you’re shivering your way through pre-Christmas celebrations).

I love the seasons and while I complain about the cold weather, I don’t think I could live in a climate that doesn’t have all four seasons. So, I say this very tentatively, because well… Melbourne. Four seasons in one day, and all that. But I think I can say it now:

Summer is HERE! It has arrived. I think the qualifier is a few days in a row over 30ºC, which we’ve had. It doesn’t matter that when the cool change comes through it drops 15º in an hour.

There is so much I love about summer: Gin and Tonic on my back deck, easy fashion of sun dresses and chic sandals, lazy afternoons lying on warm sand and dipping in and out of the sea, camping and my kids with dirty faces and feet.

Without a doubt though, what I most love is the food of Summer.

My husband is a green thumb and loves to grow his own food, and the bountiful yield from Summer makes it well worth all the work. And I am a happy eager recipient of the garden loot.

Here’s a little glimpse of some of the gorgeous treats so far.

Bruschetta on olive bread – the tomatoes are not our own, as it’s a bit early but the basil is grown in the garden and takes a tomato sandwich from pedestrian to sublime. The tomato plants start to fruit after Christmas, so there will be more bruschetta in store for us.



Fresh strawberries. Yes, these are from my garden, gown on my very own back deck. This is our biggest yield so far, and they were exquisite; soft, sweet with just the right amount of strawberry tang!

While I can’t claim that we grow our own mangoes (it is Melbourne, after all), it is another summer flavour that I can’t get enough of. This is my summer fruits breakfast parfait: mangoes, nectarines, raspberries with greek yogurt, and almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds roasted in the pan with cinnamon, coconut oil and maple syrup.

Another one I look forward to every year are the zucchini flowers. The flowers come from the male plants that don’t turn into actual zucchinis. Pick them in full bloom and stuff them with homemade pesto, ricotta or olive tapenade. Or whatever takes your fancy. A nice light tempura batter and into the deep fryer makes for a beautiful entree or summer snack.

There are so many other things I adore about Summer, but right now, especially with Christmas just around the corner, it’s ALL about the food.

Is there something you love about Summer? Share in the comments. 💖


  1. says

    I like summer in Melbourne because we never have too many hot days in a row and I like the evenings once the heat of the sun has subsided. Okay, I secretly prefer the colder months!

    • collette says

      We are lucky really that we don’t have extremely cold winters, we can still enjoy all the lovely things about winter: open fires, hot chocolate, gorgeous winter fashions – without suffering through sub-zero temps. Luck might be on your side this year, it’s not looking like it will be a very hot Summer.

  2. says

    I love hearing the kids across the back from us splashing around in their pool (wish we had one too!), even though my grown kids get annoyed by the shouting. i love the sounds of lawn mowers and the whiff of freshly cut grass on the breeze. I love being out on the deck at the turn of evening or when a storm is coming, and those first few puffs of cooler air come in – then i run around the house opening everything up, to flush the heat from the house. And yes, a gin and tonic would be nice – i’ll try that this coming week, when the temperature rises above 20 again!

    • collette says

      I would love a pool too, and hearing the noises of pool fun makes me nostalgic for the pool from my childhood. And there is nothing like that feeling of relief when the cool change comes after a few days of heat. Do try the gin and tonic – one sip and I feel like I’m on holidays.

  3. says

    Summer time for me signals a time of the year when it’s ok to take a few deep breaths and do things at a slower pace – being a bit lazy seems quite acceptable. But as a cricket lover, well, the Boxing Day Test is always something I look forward to … and over recent seasons I’ve really been getting into the Big Bash competition.

    And of course – I say foolishly – summer time is just that little bit closer to the start of the next football season when I am sure that the Mighty Tigers will once again Roar! (cough, splutter, despair).

    • collette says

      There is something about the warmer weather that makes us move a little more languidly, which, I agree, is completely ok. As a sport person, Summer means cricket, but there is also the Aussie Open tennis, which is a highlight too. Regarding the Tigers, I love your optimism – it is what makes us Tigers supporters resilient! 2017 could be our year!

What are you thoughts?