Slowing Down: Walking the Walk – Not Just Talking the Talk


I posted recently on the benefits of Slow Living and I am making a concerted effort to slow things down. Sometimes it’s just not possible, but being considered and factoring in time to just hang out can make a huge difference.

So I thought I should show you that I’m trying to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Here are some of the things I’m doing to live a more considered life.

Reading real books. I love to read, and for years my husband has described me as a book worm. I never really liked that description as it has negative connotations from younger years (i.e. nerd alert!). But now I’m quite chuffed to be called a book work, but sadly did lose that title for a time. The thing is, writers must be readers. Period. You can not write effectively if you don’t read a lot. I have a Kindle, with lots of (unread) books on it. But nothing feels cosier than cosy-ing up with a real book in bed. At the moment I’m reading Tim Winton’s Island Home: A Landscape Memoir. The man is a poetic genius. A book like this is inspiring and aspirational. I’m only two chapters in and already dreaming of turquoise skies and seas, and a never ending landscape.


Learning to sew. I’ve always wanted to learn. Before my Mum got sick and my children were smaller, we had a couple of lessons. She told me to take the machine home and practice on it. So I did that, but something went wrong with it and I didn’t know enough about the machine to fix it. (Turns out that nothing was actually wrong with the machine – I just hadn’t threaded it properly!) But then Mum got sick and the sewing machine got put away and forgotten about. This year for my birthday, my husband bought me three sewing lessons 💕.  I got the bug, so I’ve signed up for a Saturday class for this term.

DSC_0100 (1)

My home sewn bag

So far I’ve made a ‘bag bag’, a table cloth, a draw string bag (which is now a library bag for my three-year old), and a carry bag. Next class is a cushion, which I am really excited about because that’s one of the reasons I wanted to learn to sew – to make cushion covers.

That two hours in class where I’m cutting, pinning and sewing, I get the same feeling that I get when I’m painting or drawing. It’s meditative and soothing.



3. Taking stock. There is nothing like taking stock to help you slow down and consider life. This Taking Stock list is from Pip Lincoln’s blog, Meet Me at Mikes. It’s a gorgeous feel-good blog written by an intelligent, kind and generous woman – take a look if you haven’t seen it.

So here is my Taking Stock list below. If you want to have a go of your own, it’s a lovely exercise that will calm you and inspire you.

Making : a cushion cover (soon)

Cooking : a curry

Drinking : Peppermint tea
: Island Home: A Landscape Memoir by Tim Winton

Wanting: to warm up my feet

Looking: at ways to slow down

Playing: The Very Hungry Caterpillar game with my three year old

Deciding: how to warm up my feet

Wishing: it was dinner time (there is lamb and eggplant with tomatoes to come)

Enjoying: writing my blog

Waiting: for the Voice to start

Liking: watching the Voice with my kids

Wondering: when a difficult situation in my local community will settle down

Loving: being more considered in life

Pondering: life, community, family, spirituality, forgiveness…

Considering: a painting that I plan to do

Buying: fabrics

Watching: The Voice

Hoping: my three year old sleeps all night tonight

Marvelling: at my son’s commitment to football

Cringing: at myself still in my yoga clothes (from this morning!)

Needing: to get out of my yoga clothes and into my slippers

Questioning: the motivations of some

Smelling: curry

Wearing: yoga clothes

Following: Absolute Beginners Sewing on Instagram (where I take my class)

Noticing: how much calmer my three year old is

Knowing: I could manage my time better

Thinking: about a bath – maybe

Admiring: my husband’s way with our three kids (so patient!)

Sorting: out invoices

Getting: a gift for my friend

Bookmarking: Skill Share site

Coveting: some new winter boots

Disliking: the cold stormy weather in Melbourne today

Opening: some food mags a friend gave me

Giggling: at funny silly stuff

Feeling: today, optimistic

Snacking: on stinky cheese and crackers

Helping: my husband with dinner (well, in a minute, I will be)

Hearing: my husband teaching our seven year old son how to build a fire in the Coonara.


You can copy the list below, to do your own. Let me know if you do. I’d love to read your Taking Stock list too.


Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :








































    • collette says

      Awww, thanks Jenn. That’s encouraging. I’m finding the only way for me to slow down is to be considered and to always have the intention. It doesn’t always work out but it means that even the small things like going to bed half an hour earlier with a book, make a big difference. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  1. says

    Learning to sew opens up a whole world of incredibly gorgeous fabrics to play with! Well done, Collette! Yoga, curry, books – it all sounds deliciously cosy and comforting!

    • collette says

      I can’t wait to go wild in the fabric shop – but I’m waiting till I can actually make a few things. It’s definitely the weather for cosy comforts – I love this time of year where we look forward to the lovely things about winter. Thanks for popping in. xx

  2. says

    Oh I think you’ve inspired me to take stock, it’s such a lovely little exercise. I’d like to read the Tim Winton memoirs, I’m trying to read a book a week to see if I am up for going back to uni and studying writing and lit. This week it was kate Grenville’s The Secret River. A nice oceany island memoir might soothe the trauma of that ending,
    I am a very amateur sewer. I loved the book The Crafty Minx, and I sewed lovely door stops of vintage tea towels, kids dresses (or maybe that was from Lotta Jansdotter?) and yes, cushions are the main reason that I want to get back into sewing too! Thanks for the lovely little read x

    • collette says

      Wow, a book a week! I’m so impressed! I only manage a few pages a night and then drift off, which is lovely but frustrating. I think longingly about those days before kids where I could spend an entire Saturday on the couch reading a book! Heaven – but a distant memory. The Secret River is on my list, even more so now! The door stops sound very cute, and we could do with some of those in our crooked little house where doors never stay open. I might have to try them. Thanks for reading. x

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