From One Mother to Another – Why I Support the St Kilda Mums Mothers Day Campaign


Last year’s beautiful collection of donations

Mothers Day is just round the corner. For many of us this represents breakfast in bed, lovely (or interesting) gifts, cute attempts by our kids to pamper us and make our day special.

For many Mums it is painful recognition of the absence of all these things. Some Mums (many Mums, actually) have a long term lease on Struggle Street. Often it’s not their fault. Often it’s through domestic violence, mental health issues or drug dependencies.

St Kilda Mums is a Melbourne-based volunteer-run organisation that re-homes used baby goods and nursery equipment. Donating goods to families in need. They have relationships with Maternal and Child Health Nurses and local social services agencies. In anticipation of Mothers Day they run a campaign called ‘One Mother to Another’ where people can donate packages to other Mums who are not as fortunate. Here’s an outline of what it’s all about:

She might be living in a refuge; her house might have burnt down, she might be homeless. She needs your help! It’s super easy…just follow these five simple steps…
  1. Make up a gift bag of women’s toiletries – choose a nice toiletry bag and fill it with everything you can think of if you had nothing. 
  2. Include a note for another mother to let her know that you care
  3. Take a photo of your gift pack and post it on facebook, twitter or instagram using the hashtag #onemothertoanother
  4. Pack in a small bag or box and please include your full name, postal address, contact number and email address so we are able to get in touch with you. 
  5. Post to 5 Vale Street, St Kilda 3182 or drop it off during our opening times anytime before Mother’s Day weekend.
We will distribute your gorgeous gift to a mum in need. 

This is such a worthwhile campaign. When I think about who they are looking out for, it could be anyone of us, it’s just a case of good luck that it’s not.

Good luck that you chose the right guy, someone who doesn’t beat you up; good luck that you were born in to the family you were – who have shown you what it means to be loved, and shown you what is right and what isn’t.

Good luck that you have the means to support your family and to keep a roof over yours and your children’s heads.

Circumstances can change, and bad luck can have catastrophic effects – things can spiral very quickly; even when you think you’re safe from that world of uncertainty.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.49.34 pm

A letter to one of the Mums from Francesca, who donated a package last year. St Kilda Mums put this on their Instagram feed.

I am one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have chosen the right fella, lucky to have an good education, lucky to have a strong support network. So in honour of all the women who are down on their luck and are facing really tough times, my donation is for them – because I know how easily it could have been me, or my friend, or my sister.

One thing about all the recipients of One Mother to Another – they are all fighting back, trying to do their best for their kids. So I think they all deserve a little something to show them that they matter, to show them that people do care, and that things can get better. #onemothertoanother

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.49.00 pm

Dropping off the lovely packages at St Kilda Mums warehouse in 2015.

If you want further details, you can find out more here.

Time is running out, so if you want to contribute you need to act quickly so Mums get your gift in time for Mothers Day, or you can make a donation to St Kilda Mums if you want to help that way.

I am delivering a collection of packages on Friday morning, April 30 – if you live in the Parkdale/Mordialloc (or bayside) areas of Melbourne, I can deliver your gift on your behalf. You can contact me through the below form.

What are you thoughts?