Womenfolk Series: Jo Langhorne, Life Coach and Mentor

jo_headshots-39785Jo Langhorne is the Founder and Director of Jo Langhorne Coaching for the Soul – a life coaching practice that is underpinned by an ethos that if your soul is nourished and you look within, you will move closer to finding what you seek.

Jo has always gravitated towards people and is naturally inclined to make connections. She’s had a successful career in travel but always struggled working in a world driven by ‘the bottom line’. She left this behind to try and have a baby. During this time she contracted back to the travel company that had employed her, but worked in a different capacity, by providing training and mentoring. She discovered her greatest satisfaction came from seeing the staff she was working with grow, both personally and professionally.

After her son was born she fell back in to the travel industry – she was good at it, there was very little stress and it came with flexibility so she could still spend time with her son. A story most mothers would be familiar with.

Once those very intense parenting years started to ease, she continued to feel that there was something missing. She would try on different professions in her mind, but none seemed to fit. She was so fearful that she would never find that thing that made her feel passionate again. This fear paralysed her for a time.

She reached a turning point one day, when she heard Esther Hicks say:

“You can spend your whole life deliberately trying to create, or you can just stop and allow creation to happen.”

This affected Jo in a profound way – she realised she was trying to force something to happen, rather than looking around and recognising what she was already doing well.

From this moment of clarity came her vision for her future. She envisages a place where women can come and learn, in a safe and nurturing place. A place where they can experience a range of practitioners and facilitators, presenting a range of opportunities for self-exploration and personal growth.

Reflecting on her career history she realised that she is inherently a learner and a teacher. She studied teaching at university, taught in schools for a short time, and trained and mentored staff in her travel career. Her commitment to life-long learning is closely bound up with her connection to guiding and coaching –  you can’t have one without the other. She recognises this trait in so many others and wants to be part of their learning experience. Personal growth through learning is an almost a universal aspiration.

On reflection, from the outside it seems almost intuitive that Jo would become a coach – someone who guides and teaches, but she acknowledges herself that, while the answers were within her, she was getting in the way of seeing them. It was only on stepping back and ‘allowing creation to happen’ that she realised where her future lay.

This path underscores Jo’s coaching practice in that she doesn’t give advice, but rather asks questions – to tease out what is already within her client. She believes that every person holds their own answers, we just need to ask – or be asked – the right questions.

Jo had her own very personal experience of this, and as such uses it to help others. It is a very powerful knowledge to have – to know that you hold your own truth within yourself. It’s just that some of us – most of us – have lost the ability to connect with that truth.

Wayne dyer quote for Jo.

One of Jo’s favourite quotes by Wayne Dyer.

Her dream of opening a centre is a long way off for Jo, but what makes her unique is that she continues to work towards it for the long term, and believes that small steps are the key. You can do something as small as purchasing a domain name, or registering a business name, or buying a couple of tools to use in your chosen craft. What ever it is, just do one small thing at a time. Transition is the key, as it is a gentle, but purposeful way to realise your goals.

It’s very easy to get stuck by the barriers, or perceived barriers. Jo believes you can re-frame the barriers, so they are not barriers any more. Sometimes having someone help you view your circumstances in a different light can be all you need, so you can see what is actually possible.

If you want to know more about Jo and what she does, you can visit her website: www.jolanghorne.com.au

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