My Top Five Things on My Summer Bucket List

Top 5 Summer Bucket List


The change of seasons is always full of promise. Even for the cold frogs who hate winter, it brings promise of roaring fires, red wine, curries, hot chocolate…But Summer is an entirely different promise. It means many different things, depending on what your life looks like. For many, it means al fresco dining (we have started eating outside most nights now), late play in the back yard, icey gin & tonics (probably a little too early in the afternoon), dresses without leggings or tights, and glorious beach afternoons.

I thought I’d document my bucket list for this Summer and capitalise on the feeling that when Summer comes, we can do anything.


One must remain optimistic! (Marilyn Monroe 1951) 💖

1. Bikini – yes. That’s right. I am going to purchase a bikini. I have wanted to get back in to my bikini since my second child was born. I have worn a bikini all my life, apart from the last seven years. And while some one-piece bathings suits look fabulous – I just feel frumpy and ‘mumsy’ in mine. So thanks to the lovely Robyna from The Mummy and the Minx, her post on her bikini body has inspired me to cast off my care-factor and go back to what I like.

2. Marie Kondo. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she has a book called ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. The queen of decluttering – and any long-term readers out there know I have a bit of a thing for decluttering, and it usually kicks in right about now. If you want to read previous post on decluttering, click here, and here. Marie Kondo has a cult following, as her approach to decluttering is different to anyone else I’ve encountered. The overarching directive is hold something in your hand, if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. So it’s pretty ruthless but comes from a good place. Imagine living with only the things that make you happy. When I was holidaying at my brother and sister-in-law’s a couple of months ago, I noticed how clear and tidy their house was. My sister-in-law had done the ‘Marie Kondo’ on her house.

I love the space that Summer holidays provides to do time consuming tasks like clearing out. But the effects of it only last a short while, Marie Kondo guarantees that if you follow her instructions you will never need to do it again. Well, Hallelujah!


This is what Beach Earthing looks like. Hard work hey?!

3. Beach Earthing. I am very very lucky to live by the beach – I can walk there in 15 minutes, or drive in less than five minutes. One of the great losses of our modern lives is our connection with the earth. There is a phenomena known as Earthing, which is about physically connecting with the earth to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Think about how amazing it feels to submerge your feet in warm sand, or lie on soft green grass. This is no accident – this is earthing at work. Earthing is scientifically proven to:

•improve sleep quality

•improve circulation and blood flow

•provide relief from pain

•reduce inflammation

•top up antioxidants naturally, and

•boost your immune system.

DSC_0579The beach is the best known place for earthing as the water provides the best conductor for the electrons. I know that sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but next time you are at the beach, take note of how you feel and then how you sleep that night. I always feel amazing at the beach and at home after. So I’m going to make a concerted effort to spend more time at the beach this summer.



4. Make ‘White Space’ in my days. I read this great blog post by Little Eco Footprints on how to find more white space in your day and it really resonated. This appeals to me so much because it is within this white space where the magical things happen – where you connect with people and nature in a way that planned outings and events can never bring. White space makes room for the joy of spontaneity.


White space allows time for play


The sunset you’ll never see indoors.

5. Evening walks. There is nothing like the late summer evenings that day-light savings brings. Now that our youngest is nearly three, she can manage going to bed a little later so after several years of staying home on sunny evenings, this Summer we are going to take advantage of our new phase of life and go for walks around our neighbourhood. There is nothing quite like the sublime peacefulness of a stroll.



That’s my top five. What are you dreaming about for Summer?


  1. says

    These all sound great. I love decluttering. My husband and I both did this intuitive throw out of things that did not have meaning the day after our 2 year old was diagnosed with autism in January. It felt right.
    We need more beach time too…

    • collette says

      Beach time is the best and a I covet a clear home – but with three children I wonder if I am being overly optimistic. One must keep trying!

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