How to save your own life.

I’ve been following the Belle Gibson saga intently and have wanted to write about it since it unfolded. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to – as a mostly well person, I didn’t feel that I was qualified to comment. I was just a consumer who’d been hoodwinked – and not for the first time. But I found her actions deeply disturbing.

I also followed Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior, and when the email landed in my inbox announcing her passing, it took my breath away. The timing of it was eerie. I was in the car with my sister, on our way to the cemetery to intern our Mum’s ashes. She had died of cancer-related complications, eight weeks after getting the ‘all clear’.

I’d spoken to Mum about combining possible alternatives with her chemo. Thankfully her pragmatism trumped my gullibility! But imagine if she had invested some hope in the opportunistic machinations of Belle Gibson!

Jules from Four Fairies and a Fella captures all that I would have liked to say about this, eloquently and precisely.

Read on for her response to the charlatan that is Belle Gibson.

What are you thoughts?