Confession: I am not the go-getter the world wants me to be!

Ok, so we’re on the cusp of February. And finally my inbox and news feed has stopped bombarding me with rhetoric on setting goals and intentions for 2015. I’ve never felt so paralysed by the onslaught, ever. So the result was literally, to do nothing. Which I am sure is the opposite to what it is meant to do.

I think all the articles on goals at the start of the year really are well-intentioned, but surely there is something in the editors check list that says – ‘publish stuff that’s not being covered anywhere else’. I’m sure their job description doesn’t say ‘make sure you cover a seasonal topic because every other media outlets is doing it and we don’t want to miss out’. I’m pretty sure that’s not a directive.

But come December and January the mandatory articles appear. Worst and Best Christmas present lists, festive ways to wrap a present (huh?), new festive recipes, how to say good bye to the year that was, how to stick to your new years’ resolutions (as if!), setting meaningful goals for the new year…yawn. Or rather, STOP!

If I wrote an open letter to all editors of media outlets I’d say:

‘Dear Editor,

You’ve just f***ked up the beginning of my new year by placing such intense pressure on me to set goals and make affirmations, to change my morning routine, to change the way I work, the way I clean my house, the way I think…the way I do, well… everything.

Holidays are meant to be about resting, relaxing, imbibing, enjoying. Chilling out, chewin’ the fat, just being. Please allow me to just BE. Leave me be. Please.



So, I didn’t get very far with improving my life for the better. But I did come up with a very gentle solution to my inaction, which made me feel a whole lot better about not being the go-getter the world wanted me to be.

I chose a word that will underscore my life this year. My word will inform all my decisions – from day to day choices, to life-changing decisions. I know we’re only four weeks in, but it seems to be working really well. There are things that I want to achieve this year, some things are left over from last year and some new things, as well. I already know what they are, but working towards them with my word in mind helps me feel that I am closer to achieving them.

So my word for 2015 is COMPLETION. I chose it because I always feel that things are in disarray – lots of half-finished things hanging around. Making me feel unsettled. So with an over-arching goal of ‘completion’ informing all of my decisions, it’s really helping me get things done. The upside of that is a sense of achievement.

Funny thing about this, once I’d settled on my word I felt much less bound up by the goal-setting issue. So in the end I did sit down and set some goals, some long-term and some short-term goals. What was great about it was that I don’t feel any pressure because I know that completion is what is driving me, so if I keep that on my agenda, I’ll always achieve my goals in the end.

Do you have a word? Please share.


  1. Nicole Lush says

    Oh – yes indeed Collette! I read the DESIRE MAP last year & I have three words – I have become a bit obsessed with them….. But – I am amazed at the changes in my life & in how I feel!

    Thank you for your insightful writing, once again – cutting through & so appropriate.


  2. Francesca says

    Goal setting! That’s what I work with every day. I love goal setting! My clients feel a sense of purpose once they’ve set personal or professional goals to get back on track. And that’s the thing. Sometimes we need to refocus and reconnect with our goals to feel a sense of belonging and achievement. Other times we need to just BE and let these work in the background or maybe even venture off track for a bit. I guess my word is BE. Let myself just be a human being who gets f*ng unmotivated and slack sometimes. Love your article, it’s sparked my thinking about expectations, what’s mine and what isn’t and the sense of who do I want to be.

  3. says

    Yes too true, so much pressure and I am still recovering from Christmas! I love your word Collette, I am the Queen of half finished projects. I think my word is FOCUS. I need to focus on ONE thing at a time.

    • says

      I like FOCUS to. I think that works in with COMPLETION – perhaps our intention is the same – like you say, one thing at a time. I’m sure it will make out lives easier. xx


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