My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook


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There are many people who have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love the connectedness it gives me, but I hate the addictive nature of it. In fact, I feel like I need to vent, so here is my list of why I hate Facebook:


  • I hate that it draws you in without you even realising. The kids are finally asleep, you just have a quick look at Facebook before you read your book/write your emails/wash your hair. Lordy, it’s 10.30 already! How did that happen. Too tired to read/write/wash hair now. Another night lost to Facebook.


  • I hate the performative nature of it. We all post photos on Facebook, but they are only ever really photos of us having a great time. It promotes this un-reality. So yes, the picture is real and it happened but the collage of pictures posted creates a false impression. I’d like to say that my make up is always perfect and I am always ‘party ready’ and that my kids are always cute and loveable. And while we all know that what we see isn’t necessarily what is, it’s easy to believe the story in front of you.


  • I hate that I love it. I really do. Over summer I disengaged from Facebook for two weeks. It was great, and terrible. I kept feeling like I was missing out on something. But all I was really missing out on was people’s montages of an un-real life. Logically, I know that is true, but for some reason the reality versus and performed becomes indistinguishable.


  • I hate that Facebook doesn’t have a breathalyser! There absolutely should be. If you’re over .05, Facebook should be off limits. Because there isn’t an adult in the Facebook world who hasn’t got on Facebook after a few drinks and then wished they didn’t.


  • I hate that it’s now being used for advertising. This just shits me, plain and simple.


But it’s not all bad. Like I said, it’s a love/hate relationship. Here are a few reasons why I love it:


  • I love that I can keep in touch with people who are really far away. My husband is English and some of his siblings have never met our children. So Facebook is a gift for them, they can see almost ‘real time’ pictures of their nieces and nephew, and get a glimpse into the ‘every-day’ of their lives.


  • I love the connectedness it brings. We have a private family Facebook page where we post things that are only relevant to our family, that only we will ‘get’.


  • I love that you can let a lot of people know something important, quickly. I announced the birth of our third child on Facebook, it saved me a lot of time sending emails and text messages. I know a text message does the same thing, but there are lots of people on my ‘friends’ list that I don’t have mobile numbers for, but still want to share things with.


  • I love that I hate it. Because while I still hate it (but also love it), I will continually be reminded of why I hate it, so won’t take it so seriously after all.


How do you feel about Facebook? Does it rile you or make you happy?


What are you thoughts?